Our story

Talowa was born from the desire of two young, passionate and committed African women, Manolli Ekra and Sarah Ferdjani. One, an urban planning consultant and an international development expert, while the other an urban nomad and creative consultant.

Their fist encounter was in Niamey, West Africa, where they both worked in the International Humanitarian sector. Their common passion for natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and the development of the continent’s human and material potential gave life to the great, social entrepreneurship project called TALOWA, a socially engaged Beauty retail.

At a time when the demand for beauty is pushing to it’s extremes (skin bleaching, excess use of heat or damaging hair styling and slowly weakening hair shafts), we felt compelled to help young women, in particular, black African women, to re-learn not only to love themselves but also to maintain what they are endowed with: beautiful hair (natural or straightened) and a bright, natural skin. The Talowa line is inspired by recipes and beauty secrets of grandmothers, studied and customized with a little kick to match our modern lifestyle.