Talowa is a company for which the emphasis on African know-how and the sustainability of its wealth is paramount.

Whether linked to handicrafts, orally transmitted traditions, or a result of an apprenticeship, local know-how is diverse and undeniable. By choosing to highlight them, Talowa perpetuates not only the transmission of old family recipes, but also relies on local talents.

All Talowa products are 100% natural made and it’s ingredients are sourced as much as possible directly from local producers, with close partnerships based on trust and mutual respect.

Most of them are organized as farmers’ cooperatives who are mostly women, and they help Talowa access quality raw materials, while allowing them to sell at the prices set by them. In doing so, we can contribute on the one hand to the development of their businesses while guaranteeing a stable and regular income for these women. On the other hand, access to quality raw materials is guaranteed: millet, kinkeliba, moringa, black soap, coco, hibiscus, cocoa, neem, oils, clays, etc.

This fair trade practice encourages regional productivity while responding to a local need for quality products at prices that are accessible to all. Talowa products help keep your hair healthy and smooth with a high concentration of nutrients.

Most importantly, we take pride at being responsive to our followers and customers needs by offring them councelling with method and conviction to give them choices and routines that will be most-effective in the long term and are adapted to their skins and hair needs.

The TALOWA space is yours. It is an opportunity not only to discover our products but also to share our expert tips and advice while speaking about your experiences in a friendly and cozy atmosphere.