If last week, skincare routine was given based on our different skin types (dry, combination, oily), this time, we chose today to get more into the subject by giving indications according to age groups:
In your 20’s:
The motto is: hydration. We must always clean our skin using a foaming gel. Follow it by a daily moisturizer that you apply gently on your skin and if needed an anti-acne cream. No Matter what (long day, laziness…), DO NOT SKIP THE MAKEUP REMOVAL and yes it has to be every night (even if you don’t put on makeup).
In your 30’s:
The motto is: protection and prevention. While still moisturizing the skin, as one of our Talowa girl so rightly pinpointed, it is important to add a UV filter to prevent oxidation of the skin. If we take the time to protect our face during the day, we should do the same in the evening. In addition to the make-up removal, it is important not to leave it bare but instead a night cream to our nightly routine. In addition, the face exfoliation we spoke about a few weeks ago would definitely be appropriate (once or twice a week) to delay the appearance of early wrinkles.
In your 40’s
The motto is: firmness. Routines day AND night are no longer an option. Delicate cleansing and daily hydration, the notion of a night serum (added nutrients that complements night creams) and anti -aging cream now are entirely part of your routine.
In your 50’s
The body changes. The skin gets dry and often begins to loosen on. By that time, we’ve become skincare experts with our routine! We keep the same habits as when we were 40 years (hence serum and more), but this time we focus on the eyes, lips, neck and cleavage.
In your 60’s
This is somehow the moment of truth: whether good habits or bad actions done to our skin during the previous 40 years. For example, if you have been smoking lot unfortunately it might show! A dry skin will become more wrinkled compared to an oily skin. As we say, life is a cycle, right? At this age, the motto remains the same: hydration! Moisturize the skin while still maintaining a good daily routine: gently clean the skin, moisturize with an anti-ageing cream and if necessary put on less makeup. It’s also better to avoid overscrubbing the skin.

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