Do not worry ladies, this is not about turning our future moms into nappy headed women. That is a personal decision for them to take. But by purposely choosing to devote our full attention to them in this post, we wanted to draw their attention to the benefits of using natural products. Many expecting women have asked us questions about which products to use, tricks to stay beautiful and in shape during their pregnancy. When entering the early stage of pregnancy, it is important to take some precautions to avoid endangering the life of the baby and mom too! Many products need to be avoided and some habits are either to be banned or to adopt for ensuring a “smooth” pregnancy. How do you stay beaming during these nine months? TALOWA decided to go all out on pampering you “from head to toe.” Let’s start with the head, shall we?
Many women experience the “pregnancy mask”: swollen face, brown spots and sometimes oilier or drier skin than usual. Your body undergoes hormonal changes so for some this is unfortunately more or less inevitable for the duration of your pregnancy but it is not irremediable. Taking care of your skin is still important and using gentle, good quality cleaning products are needed more than ever. It is generally recommended to NOT use products containing essential oils because they can be harmful to your baby. So pay attention to the products you use and be sure to read the composition of the product before buying! What might initially appear to you as annoying can be turned into … opportunity if you consider this period as a good start to go green and thus try using mild facial scrubs and natural masks. Our ASILI TALOWA scrub and face mask made out of date for the scrub, and the other one made of clay and citrus fit perfectly into this new routine. They are to be applied once a week, followed by frequent ritual of the facial massage to allow the mother to keep radiant skin and relaxed features. Same goes with makeup removal before going to bed at night: face cleansing + night cream application is to maintain: you can use a natural oil (almond oil, olive oil for example) as a natural cleanser with a cotton pad to remove makeup and you follow it by facial cleansing soap followed by the toner to remove the last residues of the product and finally applying cream at night. Last piece of advice you need to protect your face from sun damage so think about applying sunscreen with high PH and avoid extended exposure especially between noon and 2 pm.

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