It is true that winter is usually dreaded, but depite what one might think, winter is not the worst that could happen for your health, spirits or even your skin! 3 reasons why you should look at winter differently:

1. Good for the skin: When we refer to cold here, understand winter in the Western world, North and South Africa; versus harmattan in our West African skies. On the face, the effect of cold acts as a face tensor which tightens the pores, and indirectly helps firm the skin. Which guarantees a beautiful complexion and a fresh look! Of course, you need to moisturize your skin of the face and body but on the other hand, the low temperature and cold water help to free up the pores and facilitate deeper care. Talowa ladies AND men, if you already starting mourning the warmer weather and planned on changing your routine, it is rather the perfect time to take out your Talowa face masks and scrubs and do some good to your skin with your smooth seaside Talowa body scrub. And for those who wants to relax, a Hamman or traditional baths will do you the most good during this period. For those who will face the harmattan, the recommendations are equally valid: moisturize well and use this time to relax!

2. Good for your wellbeing: it is the best time of the year to spend it a bit more…with yourself and therefore rest. For those living in the West, as the pace of life gets slower, best time to just let go and relax more often. Take this opportunity to sleep longer and better. Moreover, even if it is true that the sun sets earlier, if you get the chance during the day, go out and get some fresh air and do some physical activity. Stay fit and focus on a balanced diet that will give you the energy to not fall into the “spleen” linked to this particular season. And good to know is that during this time your immune system is stronger.

3. Good for the waistline: did you know that winter goes well with … slimming! during this period of cold, the body burns more calories to maintain body heat. If you are careful about your weight then it is the best time to establish a healthy and simple diet. For those who want to keep these extras kilos, you just have to do the opposite and eat more “healthy”foods that will help you maintain your weight!

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