Depending on which part of Africa we were born in , body exfoliation is more or less embedded in our culture . North African, West African/Sahelian girls grow up seeing their mothers, aunts and sisters taking care of their bodies. Then they become adults and have themselves integrated these simple beauty routines, simple yet good for the skin and their well-being . Scrubbing or ” exfoliating ” is an integral part of these rites. It is the process of getting rid of dead skin cells, stimulate cell regeneration and micro-circulation of the face or body.

Whether homemade or at the beauty parlor, the basic rule is to use a base for exfoliation either sugar or salt then mix it with natural oil (olive, argan, coconut, sesame, etc…) . Put a dab of the product in the palm of your hand and apply it on the clean skin with light circular movements , without rubbing , to avoid irritating the skin.
Easy, right? It is a pretty basic beauty ritual to be done at least once a week for the face, but ladies (and gentlemen !) the rest of your body needs the same kind of attention. We believe for a fact, especially with this weather (whether slightly or really cold!) that it’s important to do so ferquently ( 2-3 times per week for less sensitive skin) as this is the season when the skin is stressed out by the cold and dry climate.
To make sure you get the right motivation, here goes the list of what a regular body scrubbing will help you achieve:
• maintain glowing skin tone
• improve well-being
• boost the effects of serums we use or even creams applied right after the shower!
• get rid of the skin of dead cells that absorb impurities and help the skin regenerate.
As a final recommendation, you may want to know that at some point over scrubbing slightly irritates the skin as it affects the natural hydro lipid film that protects the skin from dehydration . Which is why it is imperative to always follow an exfoliation by a moisturizer that soothes irritations and restores the protective film.
So ladies (and gents!) get ready to scrub!

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