Having a beautiful skin – as in “tcha-tcho” free (skin bleaching) – is neither a miracle nor impossible! Spending on overpriced products doesn’t necessarily pay off in spite of what we are told by luxury labels or trendy magazines.
The best way to guarantee a glowing skin comes with just a little effort and the right skincare routine. Yes, not only your hair needs some pampering, your face also needs its own routine! We’re well aware that nowadays we‘re all busy with work, home, kids, / the spouse. We can barely find time to pamper ourselves. But in these moments of weariness, recall our mantra of the week “What is gained without labor lasts less than a cut flower.” It is now the right time to prepare the skin we want to have in the coming 10-30 years. . Also, keep in mind that the skincare routine we encourage should be simple and efficient. Inadequate products for our skin types combined with the wrong routine (aggressive removal, skin friction, shampoo dripping on the face, etc. . .) will lead to acne outbreaks and tautness of the skin. That’s why it is essential to acknowledge your skin type (dry, oily or combination) in order to get the right products that it actually needs. Whatever your skin type, the 3 below steps are to integrate within your skincare routine:
1. For the ladies, make up removal every night … even if you don’t wear makeup! With or without makeup, dust and pollutants will eventually leave a greasy film on your skin, preventing it from breathing. Oily skin will develop more sebum and dry skin will be more sensitive. In light of all these risks, our skin deserves to that extra effort.
2. Clean the skin in the evening after the makeup removal and in the morning right before applying makeup. A clean skin will absorb your daily cream better and help you maintain a healthy glow.
3. Last step for all: hydration in order to protect the skin from daily external aggressions (sun, pollution, etc.) and help you look radiant!

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