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If last week our focus was on providing you ladies with the right indicators to spot THE hairdresser to which or to whom to entrust with confidence our hair. We think it i is equally important to question … .You, the client, as in your duties as Talowa ladies.

1) Come prepared to the salon with your own products. It is not always guaranteed that the hairdresser has the right shampoo for your texture and it is almost certain that he / she will not prompt you to use a hair rinse. This is also the occasion to bring your own hair oil if you aren’t a big fan of hair salve, and maybe sometimes… your own towels
2) Pay attention-especially if it’s a new hairdresser-to the hair treatments he/she provides : regularity, quality, delicacy, massage, etc.
3) Do not hesitate to ask questions or to politely express your concerns, “Could you use a large comb instead of the small one? , “” The water is too hot (or too cold) can we change it to warm temperature, thank you, “etc.
4) Ladies, for those relaxing, when your stylist decides not to apply the product to the lengths it is he / she knows that it is not unnecessary, plus it weakens the hair. Therefore, for your own sake, do not force it.
5) Once you’ve found the barber or hairdresser that you are happy with, stick to him/her (depending on the time and resources you have available), consistency and regularity are key , to not only build a trusting relationship , but also to enable your hairdresser to follow your capillary evolution.

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