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Washing Hair is more or less a rather simple ritual which is taught – at an early age- and which sums up roughly to 2 main steps: gently wash the hair, apply a conditioner than rinse again before drying out your hair. Due to the fragile nature of our hair, we advise you to turn this simple step into a full deepening hair care treatment, use that chance to focus on scalp massaging to allow the conditioner to penetrate through the scalp, once done leave the conditioner for a few minutes (5-10 min) and finally STEP 3 to your shampooing routine: the use of a leave in/rinsing water. How useful is that? we let you be the judge of it … The leave in/rinse water once applied allows the nutrients to work their magic as in add some shine to the hair, tighten the hair scales, while ridding them of residues/dirt particles. This step is really simple. Once you dry out your hair, you just need to apply your rinsing water over the hair. You won’t need to rinse out again or dry it out, you can proceed to style your hair, you may add some hair oil though if needed.

As always dedicated to fit your needs, Talowa took the care to give you option between 2 types of rinsing water: hibiscus and kinkeliba rinsing water. If hibiscus is great to build up volume and add shine to the hair, the kinkeliba (traditional heritage of our savannas well known for its numerous health benefits), helps to revitalize the weakened hair and even better – depending on your hair type and texture- can help define your curls. So Talowa people are you rather hibiscus … or kinkeliba? 😉

TALOWA, naturally yours!

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