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Everyone agrees that it is important to nourish your hair, especially when naturally curly; but the big question for most, is how to do it the right way. The equation is quite simple, whether natural or relaxed, nurtured hair greatly reduces the chances -or mischance- of breakage. To do so, in addition to proper hydration and weekly treatments (oil bath and masks), it is common in daily treatments to use ointments or hair wax “to grease” the hair that is to say. Talowa people beware of the excess of “grease ” which may have an adverse effect and stifle the hair to the point of accelerating … breakage. See, everything is about balance and moderation. It is mainly the reason why it is important to observe and get to know your hair patiently to find out what is good for your hair and what it responds well too.

To maintain our hair, rather than using pomades often too rich, we prefer the use of natural dry oil spread over the ends or through your hair by doses when needed-not systematically but more like 2-3 times a week depending on your texture-. The TALOWA hair styling oil which is among other things a subtle blend of macerated kinkeliba, and sesame is the perfect product to apply for a long-term effect. You will get both shiny, well-nourished and light hair … .as we believe it is not necessary to suffocate the hair and using too many different products to know that it was nurtured.

Greatly appreciated by our favorite professionals’ hair dressers who use it daily on the hair of their clients at the end of a hair styling. To continue the care of it, while home, you can also use it sparingly on your hair before styling; and systematically before the use of any heating device (hair cask, blow drier, flat iron). The HAIR STYLING OIL TALOWA ladies and gentlemen is definitely a MUST-HAVE!

Talowa, naturally you.

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