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TALOWA believes in the spirit of exchanging and provide counselling, tips for all hair types regardless of their nature. Whether they are relaxed or natural, when well taken care of, our hair looks gorgeous. All they need is some love and caring to achieve this state. In a previous post specially dedicated to women who wish to grow their hair natural, we spoke about the decision of women to stop relaxing and once these women made up their mind, the transition phase from relaxed to natural hair as well as the “big chop”.

Today we get into the subject and now we’ll be talking about what happens once you actually took that step (by the way congrats you did it!!!) and now you need to know what you need to do to adjust to your new hair texture. One word that says it for all nappy ladies: HYDRATION!

Afro hair is actually by nature drier and porous compared to Caucasian hair and therefore require more care towards longer hydration. Frequent sun exposure, use of hair products and both heating devices (head masks, hair straighteners) can weaken our relaxed hair and even natural ones.

And to maintain hydration of the hair, the actions below are recommended:

– Drink water regularly and consume fresh fruits therefore a balanced diet.
– Strict hair routine: mask or oil bath (alternating the eve of shampoo or 2 hours before) followed the next day after shampoo + conditioner + water rinse.
– Use of a mi-cellar water spray mi-water and mi-oil spray 2 to 3 times a week to keep hair hydrated.

TALOWA team has developed the spray TALOWA N’HAPPY: very nourishing moisturizer spray specially designed for nappy hair. Rich in natural oils and other nutritional complements, it provides optimal hydration and healthy hair growth. One of our TALOWA girl, Carine from Ouagadougou used 2-3 times a week to give it shine and softness and also to facilitate the detangling of her beautiful locks.

Adopting a strict capillary routine and the tips above will not only help the new nappy to maintain her hair malleable and soft but also will give her the strength to resist the temptation to return to straightening if facing challenges.

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