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For your weekly TALOWA hair treatments, our team has created both Neem and Hibiscus masks, declined in Regular and POUSSE POUSSE range. We are making it easier for you this time by putting actual pictures describing the main steps to follow.

For an optimal conservation, we recommend you always refrigerate your mask. Also prior to use the mask, always mix a dab of the product with little warm water or conditioner. You would need a consistent paste otherwise you end up with a very liquid mask.

Step 1: Apply the mask on the entire scalp which we take particularly like to take care of.
Step 2: No need to extend the mask up to the ends, you would rather use instead the protecting NYEUSI hair oil. Put on gently on the ends.
Step 3: Gently massage the hair scalp for 5-10 min.
Step 4: Keep the hair in a plastic wrap, this is a great tip to create as it creates the heat needed to accelerate penetration of the mask! If you do it at home, you have the flexibility to allow it to last from one hour to overnight. If you are the hair salon and in a hurry, to make it faster you can spend 20 to 30 minutes under the helmet. Proceed to shampoo.

Depending on how often you wash your hair, you may use this treatment 1-2 times a month, alternating with your oil bath.

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