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After emphasizing, last week, on the importance of a good diet in providing adequate care to our skin and hair, our special TALOWA folder “back to school/work” , TALOWA cannot skip and remind of another fundamental : the skin and hair care routine.

It is, at times, a tedious word and even concept but remember that body and hair care routine, even in the short term, provide meaningful results. How so? The secret is in the discipline with which we decide to abide by a realistic and simple routine in line with our lifestyle and especially with our skin types and hair. A well thought out routine definitely makes life easier and encourages us to keep our resolutions and slowly turn them, into habits. Our philosophy is, as always, to help you develop or consolidate a simple and healthy routine:


a. To keep your skin constantly hydrated, drink plenty of water.
b. A weekly exfoliation is recommended to exfoliate dead skin, followed by a mask, used as a blotter to rid the faces of accumulated impurities throughout the week. The ASILI TALOWA scrub made from dates is precisely suited to our skin, combined with the ASILI mask containing clay and citrus as it cleanses the skin thoroughly and leave it fresh and glowing.
c. Too much sun is bad for all skin types, so make sure you have a sunscreen to apply or buy a day cream with a high SPF to reduce the harmful effects of sun rays that tend to accelerate the appearance of first wrinkles.
d. Clean skin is essential if we want to keep a young and fresh face. Don’t they say that repetition is learning? So TALOWA ladies removing makeup cannot be considered optional, it is mandatory every night (even if you do not apply make-up) followed by the application of your night cream or serum. This nightly routine can sometimes seem long but if you do it early enough before bedtime you won’t end sleeping (with make up on) and find on, the next day, your eyeliner or foundation all over your sheets … if it comes to worst, use occasionally cleansing wipes when you are just this tired (make sure that they do not irritate your skin and don’t contain alcohol).


a. You always wanted to live a spa experience in the comfort of your home? Give yourself this pleasure in your bathroom by making it a habit to do a weekly body scrub before showering. You apply the scrub and emphasize on the elbows, feet doing circular movements to help the smooth flow of blood. It is a time of relaxation assured that will not take you more than 10-15 minutes. Our gentle Seaside body scrub composed mainly of coconut oil, dry coconut sprinkled with spices will not only help you get rid of dead skin soft but also contribute to the hydration of your refreshed skin .
b. As for the face, it is recommended to apply sunscreen on exposed skin to the sun. Whether sprays or creams, what matters is that the SPF must remain high and be at least of 15.


Back to work and you have big plans for your hair, whatever the hairstyle and hair situation, you’ve come to the right place:
a. Moisturize your hair every 2-3 days. Talowa sprays have been designed for this purpose and remain a must have. It is applied either on the tips and / or the roots to maintain a healthy scalp.
b. Remember wearing a silk scarf before bedtime or buying silk or satin pillow. Third option is covering your pillow with your silk scarf to, above, all protect the hair while asleep and keep it in place for the next day.
c. To deeply nourish her hair, alternate between treatment masks and bath oils from one week to another for a good balance. What we usually recommend is to apply the treatment the night before shampoo. Use a cap after applying the mask / oil bath to accelerate the effect of heat. If running out of time, apply it the same day for at least an hour. Our NYEUSI neem / henna as well as hibiscus hair masks alternately with our oil bath NYEUSI are the ultimate hair treatment that will help nourish the hair thoroughly.
d. It is important that hair is washed every week or every 10-15 days because firstly, they love water, and secondly, dirty hair is harder to style and weakens the hair. This advice also applies to women wearing weaves or braids. Even briefly, your hair should be washed to prevent, on the short term, unpleasant odors, and the longer term, unpleasant surprises once the locks are removed. That’s why we created our nourishing ASILI shampoo made from black soap to wash the hair gently.

Using the right products is a prerequisite for any routine. Once this condition is met, start with a simple but effective routine that fits perfectly into your weekly schedule, then what is left is to give it time. A good routine is an adventure that changes and improves over time. It just takes a little perseverance and patience to see results pay off.

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