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After the “turn off” wrapping scarf although much needed to protect our hair, TALOWA is back at it again … grandma’s curlers they are called…. We plead guilty ladies… once again it’s for own sake and we have a few good reasons to support it. True that we live in the era of straightening irons and curling tools so why waste time with something as ”antique ” as traditional curlers? Why actually sleep with this weight on the head and wake up with a good stiff neck when you can achieve the same result with modern tools? The answer is simple: curlers might not be very glamorous BUT they are extremely effective for 2 main reasons: they allow us to give our hair not only the volume but also the shape that lasts longer than regular blow drying. Then they help protect the hair from the repeated use of the heat of the iron (which works at high temperature) therefore damages the hair inevitably. Think about that the next time you want to give a little twist to your usual hairstyle…
Little reminder for those who forgot about the basic steps: wet/damp hair is wrapped around a roll (which size/shape varies depending on the desired effect or hair length) then dried out. You have the following options to dry it out: naturally in the open air (gentle and effective), under a hair dryer if you have one, or at the hair salon (the hair dryer blows hot air around the head, more gentle of an option compared to direct blow dry), and finally the blow dryer (knowing that its release of static electricity disturbs the hair more than it disciplines it). Waiting time will vary depending on the selected mode. In the case of salon hair dryer, we recommend that you patiently spend 30-40 min under the hair dryer. If you want to dry it out naturally, waiting time will depend on your environment but for best results, make sure the hair is completely dry before removing the rollers.
Regarding rollers, there are different sizes, colors and eras … for all hair types (natural, relaxed, weaving and so on …)! If you want to straighten your hair, depending on your hair length – go for large rollers but if you are looking for curls than small rollers are a better option. If you wish to keep curlers during your sleep, choose Bendy rollers (see picture below) more aesthetically compatible in a couple’s life. They are soft, flexible, colorful, fun and easy to handle. At worst, think very hard about the beautiful hairstyle that you will get the next morning and your other half will surely appreciate it.
Unlike scarves we use for bedtime not much rooted in our African habits, winding of rollers is more or less familiar in our environment. Divide your hair previously disentangled, position your roller at the tip, wind it until the scalp and secure with clamps or pins to hold it firmly. If the curler is positioned vertically (against the head), you will get spiral curls, and if placed horizontally, they will be rather wavy.
Although in our imagination, we tend to picture curlers on our mothers, aunts or grandmas who regularly use them in their hair routine, we should, if it is not already the case reintegrate little by little this habit as it does good to our hair…and our hair just can get enough of it 🙂

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