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It is rather trivial, even normal to shed little bits of hair every day, or trim your ends sometimes (every 6 months on average). Yet generally, whenever the hair is natural or straightened, we often despair in getting a significant length and we assume again, that our hair doesn’t grow fast enough or doesn’t grow at all! And there is often room left to all kind of hair experiments (unfortunately harmful for the hair). We become fatalistic and we give up thinking we lost the battle… WRONG MOVE, Talowa ladies! If you want to see your hair grow faster or regrow – unless it is acute alopecia, in which case a dermatologist would be the best option – we have another trick for you: THE head massage.
Women who have regularly followed us would have noticed that in our posts, private consultations and workshops, we always mention the head massage at bedtime, while your wash your hair with your shampoo and conditioner, etc. . . . Reason why is, though this instinctive gesture , which at first glance, might seem insignificant is actually an effective , simple and free, to help with growth and regrowth of the hair . The massage can effectively stimulate blood circulation, promote regeneration of the roots and relaxation of the scalp. Good blood circulation is essential for the well -being of our hair. When blood doesn’t flow consequently through the skull, our hair will devitalize rapidly, which ends inevitably in loss of a significant amount of hair.

The head massage will prevent this sudden fall and will stimulate the growth and regrowth of the hair follicles. Note that in the good hair salons, one who washes your hair and applies hair conditioner/mask will always take the time to massage your scalp in order to stimulate the blood circulation and facilitate the absorption of the product. This is also a good indicator of how professional your hairdresser which you entrust your hair is!
So how to proceed? To ensure the scalp massage is truly effective , we have two ways: one , fast enough to do on a daily basis and another equally simple but which requires an additional 10 min due to few prior steps ( so better to do it during the weekend !)
Daily head massage
Put your fingers like spider legs (apart and hooked), then put your hands (not your fingernails) on your scalp pressing firmly and quietly move your fingers in a repeated circular motion. If you have oily hair, then it is more advisable to space the massage, if not you can easily do this routine twice a day.
Weekend Massage
Heat the hair oil (that you will use for the head massage) and apply it section by section throughout the skull, then massage using circular movements starting from the forehead to the top of the neck and then from the temples to each side of the head . Once this is done, do it again but this time with stronger pressure. The latter not only allows the massage to stimulate the blood circulation but also helps removing dead skin (which may prevent the hair from growing). Once the head massage is over, leave at least 30 minutes for your hair to soak up the oil then wash your hair.
The TALOWA POUSSE POUSSE HAIR RANGE actually includes two POUSSE POUSSE hair oils (garlic and ginger) that applied by massage on the scalp or bald areas help effectively with hair regrowth. Garlic and ginger are two food items known for hair growth and efficient in preventing hair fall.
Another bonus that you may want to consider: since stress is one of the cause of hair fall or weakening, the action of rubbing your skull promotes relaxation, reduce stress, improves the condition of your hair and strengthens the roots. So all for the better!

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