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Simple everyday gestures
No one is a big fan of split ends, which usually are signs of fatigue or exhaustion of the hair. To get rid of them, we have few tricks to apply daily and from time to time more intensive treatments that will help make a noticeable difference.
1) Always remember drinking water several times throughout the day and have a balanced food diet. The proteins, vitamins, calcium thus supplied will provide internal care to the hair.
2) When we think about hydrating our hair, we usually only think about the scalp, then the length and we forget or unfortunately leave the ends out. Unfortunately damaged end don’t make healthy hair possible. They also need to be looked after so hydrate them; They will thank you for that. Our different hair spray moisturizers are very appreciated by curly and relaxed textures and make it easy to apply.
3) Do not overlook the importance of the use of protective scarf at bedtime (around the head or on the pillow). It is also necessary to limit the harshness of cotton (clothes, pillows, etc.) on our hair and our delicate ends during our sleep. This silk protection at the same time helps facilitate the entire hydration process.
4) On a daily basis, try to avoid brushing your hair too often and using small teeth combs as they weaken them and pull out the ends. Prefer protective hairstyles (vanilla, loose chignon, etc.) to minimize hair manipulation.
5) Also avoid excessive use of the flat iron or dryer in the week for small touch-ups. Usually the direct victim in these cases are inevitably … the hair ends! To meet halfway, best option would be to use this tools ….from time to time. A good alternative is the use of the wrap technique as part of your routine (“wrapping the hair around the head and securing them with a silk scarf or satin) that will help keep the use of the heating devices to a minimum!
Special treatment
1) Although it is not necessary to trim the ends automatically … it is good to do it 2 to 3 times a year when you can see knots forming, so that it doesn’t threaten the capillary stem up to the roots.
2) A hot oil treatment, with special emphasis on the ends, to do once or twice a month is necessary.
3) If you notice that your ends get brittle often, we suggest that you start using this new method called the “Baggy method”. The idea is to hydrate first with the hair moisturizer or one of the rinsing waters than a bit of oil on the wet or dry ends which are then covered with a plastic bag for a few hours in order to maintain the hydration. You can also make a bun or twists or even Bantu knots for very short hair. In any case, the method remains the same and one of its benefits is the stimulation of hair growth!

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